i-D: Raising the bar - grime's influential women

Georgia LA, Presenter, producer, journalist

What was the first grime track you remember hearing?

Dizzee Rascal’s I Luv U – shouts to the minidisc crew on the bus home from school!

What's your favourite grime record of all time and why?

Skepta I Spy is definitely up there. I’m a softie though. I love old Kano like, Night Night and Brown Eyes and Ps & Qs obviously.

What's your favourite track to play out?

Natalie Storm – Boys For Breakfast which is basically her talking about digesting lads for her first meal of the day over the Eskimo riddim.

Who's your favourite MC and why?

Personally I still think Devlin is the most talented MC we’ve seen. D Double E always brings the lols. One of his best is on Street Fighter Riddim: "Cos I'm shocking MCs like Blanka / I got money in the bank, I'm a banker / You ain't got money in the bank, you're a wanker." Fair play bro!

What other women in the "scene" inspire you?

Well look at all the things Hattie Collins has done, and has only ever been a complete G, super up for helping others and generous and with her contacts - that attitude is inspirational and what I aspire to.

Georgia Lewis Anderson