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Georgia LA, 28, is a presenter, DJ and producer from London. Kick-starting her career on YouTube channel SBTV and internet entertainment show The Fox Problem she now DJs on Apple Music’s digital radio station Beats 1.

You landed your first job interviewing celebs on SBTV while you were still in university. How did that happen?

It was an absolute baptism of fire. About four years ago, I was at City University studying journalism and saw a tweet from Jamal Edwards [founder of SBTV] saying he was looking for someone for his YouTube channel. I went to meet him, and at the end of the chat, he said he’s got an interview for me to do with Kelly Rowland the next day. So I got the job! I was like ‘is this for real?’

How scary was it?

I was really nervous, but she was very nice. She said something weird - that I looked like I’d been kissed by an angel in the womb!

High praise indeed! What’s been your favourite interview?

I’ve interviewed P Diddy and Richard Branson but I loved astronaut Christ Hadfield, who we had on The Fox Problem. He did a cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, and I asked him silly things like whether anyone had ever had sex in space.

There have been two series of The Fox Problem, where did the idea come from?

My friend Georgie Okell and I came up with the idea of a female-fronted topical entertainment show. We then approached Gemma [Cairney, Radio 1 DJ] and invested in the first series ourselves - it literally had a shoestring budget. We wanted to see real life reflected on an TV show.

Is there any particular area of your career you’d like to focus on next?

I really want to do more investigative journalism for TV and radio. I hope the best is yet to come!

Georgia Lewis Anderson